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Shop at Kroger and Help Rugby Indiana

Link your Kroger card to Rugby Indiana and Kroger will donate a percentage of your purchases to Rugby Indiana. It is free, and you will still earn your gas points and other promotions.

You must reactivate the Rugby Indiana designation each year.

Click here to link your card.

Go to Kroger Community Rewards, and search for "Rugby Indiana" or our organization number "80322".

Funds from Kroger go to the growth fund to help pay for new certified coaches, offer new rugby programs, and more

2022 Spring Season Registration

Welcome to the 2022 Rugby Indiana SpRing Season Registration with Rugby Indiana!


This registration session will allow you to register to play rugby in the fall season, complete contact information, and submit payment. To complete registration through our secure site, please have your Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or checking account information available.  Following the completion of this registration, you will see a charge on your account from Rugby Indiana.  

We are planning a Spring Contact (Tackle) Season currently.

Scroll Down To The Bottom To Register, Be sure to Read Everything

**Opened for clubs who have sent in their completed pre-season information.

Player Fees

Player Fees

USA Rugby is using a new system nationwide. This new system breaks out the fees and handles them in a separate way than in the past. In the past Rugby Indiana had collected the USA Rugby Fees and paid them for the player. This has changed.  Now USA Rugby Fees are separate from Rugby Indiana fees. 

Spring Season Fees

  • USA Rugby Annual Membership Fee**:
    • Tackle/Contact Rugby:  $25
  • Rugby Indiana Fall Season Fees: 
    • High School Rugby: $ 125
    • Grades 7-8: $ 100
    • Grades 5-6: $ 50
    • Grades 2-4: $ 30
  • Teams may elect to charge any additional fees to help cover their costs of uniforms, field rentals, transportation, socials, etc. Those optional fees requested by the team will show as the Club Fees on your transaction record.

** The USA Rugby Fee is an annual fee. The membership year runs 01 Sept to 31 Aug..  USA Rugby Fees paid in the 2021 Fall Season will be applied to the 2022 Spring Season. 

Player Scholarships

Players requesting financial assistance need to apply for their player scholarship before registering. The scholarship review takes a minimum of 7 days.  Players who register before receiving an official award notification will not be eligible for scholarships. Click Here For More Information.  Scholarships are NOT available for the Fall Training Period Season. 


  • USA Rugby, USA Youth & High School Rugby, and Club fees belong to those respective organizations and are not refundable by Rugby Indiana.

Rugby Indiana Refund Policy

  • It is Rugby Indiana's policy to not issue refunds, but there are 2 exceptions to this. Both refund exceptions, a written request outlining the reason(s) must be sent to the Executive Director, who will in turn have sole discretion determining the refund amount.:
    • First time players who have not attended more than 5 practices and/or have not attended a game and are in good standing with their club. In this case a player may receive a partial refund of their Rugby Indiana fees minus the $10 administrative fee.
    • In the event a player experiences Force Majeure, the player may receive a partial refund of up to 50% of their Rugby Indiana fees.

Season Suspension / Cancelation Due To Force Majeure

Player’s fees are allocated throughout the entire year to cover all the costs of the services that are needed to support the various rugby programs and leagues. This is a common practice, especially for non-profits. Throughout the year we host coaching and referee certification clinics, coaching development,  youth skills clinics, school PE training and grants, player welfare/safety monitoring and training, compliance monitoring of safety and other important policies, technology tools, club support, and so much more.  Because Force Majeure is difficult to predict in type, timing, and scope of impact, we are unable to determine in advance any amount of refunds may be issued, if any at all. If there are any refunds due to Force Majeure, they will be determined based on the type, timing, and scope of the event.

COVID Updates, Protocols, and more

Keep up to date with the current COVID Status for Rugby Indiana.

Click Here >>>  COVID Status for Rugby Indiana

CLick Here To Register With Your Team

This link will take you to a page where you can select your team to join.