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Fall 7s Details

Fall 7s Tournament


Fall 7s Registration Details

Registration will remain open during the season until 01 October 2022, at which time it will close.  No player will be able to register for the fall season after 01 October 2022.


Fall 7s General Information


  • It will be a 4 week season, with games on Sundays.
  • For the first three weeks, each team/side will get a minimum of two matches on each Sunday.
  • The first three weeks scores/results will not be counted toward the ranking for championship. These weeks will filled with lots of fun rugby, and teachable moments. (We will use the new USA Rugby Competition System to learn and prepare for Spring - but again, scores won't count).
  • Teams should plan on a travel cross-over to the other regions.
  • The 4th week will be a championship type day.  Rosters due at check in,  morning pool play, afternoon brackets lead to championship. Everyone starts the day/event with a clean slate, anyone can win. There will be awards.

Schedule:  (subjct to change)

  • September 18
    • Location(s): All clubs/teams in Westfield, IN
      • Monon Trail Elementary School, 19400 Tomlinson Rd, Westfield, IN 46074
    • Gate Fee: $5 per car
    • Additional Week 1 Info:  Rugby Indiana: Fall 7s Week 1 Info
  • September 25
    • Location(s): All clubs/teams in Ft Wayne, IN
      • Carroll Middle School, 4027 Hathaway Rd, F Wayne, IN 46818
    • Gate Fee: $5 per person
  • October 02
    • Location(s): 
      • Central IN Clubs/Teams in Westfield IN
        • Monon Trail Elementary School, Monon Trail Elementary School, 19400 Tomlinson Rd, Westfield, IN 46074
      • North IN Clubs/Teams in Ft Wayne
        • Chargers Rugby, 1913 Carroll Rd, Fort Wayne, IN 46818
    • Gate Fee: TBD
  • October 09 - Tournament
    • Location(s): Moose Rugby Grounds, Elkhart, IN
    • Gate Fee: $7 cash per person ages 13 and over.
    • Additional Info in Tournament Section


  • Teams are responsible for their own food on game days, as many of the match dates will be like Super Sites, and expecting one team to feed everyone would not be reasonable.  Teams/clubs are welcome to work together to create a larger social atmosphere. Home Pitch locations may have concessions, and are advised that if they go that route, to let the teams coming know in advance,  

2022 Fall 7s Tournament Information

Date:  Sunday, 09 Oct 2022
Location: Moose Rugby Grounds, Elkhart, IN
Gate Fee: $7 cash per person 13 and over
Gates Open: 9:15a (No early Access)

Tournament Rules:  Click Here
Tournament Schedule: Click Here

Teams Participating

High School Boys

  • Bishop Dwenger
  • Brownsburg
  • Carmel
  • Chargers
  • Culver
  • Leo
  • Mudsock (Fishers)
  • Noblesville
  • Penn
  • Royal Irish
  • Westside (Avon and surrounding areas)

High School Girls

  • Carmel
  • Chargers
  • Culver
  • Ft Wayne
  • Mudsock (Fishers)
  • Noblesville
  • North Central
  • Penn
  • Westfield
  • Westside (Avon and surrounding areas)

Fall 7s Laws


World Rugby Trial Laws Also In Effect

  • Have Fun
  • 7s laws apply
  •  Technical Zones Apply
  •  Teams need to provide a touch-judge
  • Conversion Kicks - Taken behind the goal and kicked back into the Pitch.
  • Championship Day – the match lengths will be reduced a bit to ensure we do not exceed World Rugby daily playing caps.
  • Set rosters for teams with multiple sides are only required on the week four championship.
    • teams with more than one side, on match day, once the day starts, you cannot move players between sides.  You can change your sides roster make up for the next week.   This is to help prevent players exceeding the daily max playing time, and to ensure compliance with rest periods.
  • Goal Line Drop - None in 7s. Use 22 Drop, except for held up in-goal. 
  • 50:22 - does not apply in 7s.
  • Held Up In-Goal - Scrum at 5m, attacking team put in
  • Substitutions (World Rugby Laws for 7s)
    • 3.4 Players nominated as substitutes
      • A team may nominate up to five replacements/substitutes.
      • A team may substitute or replace up to five players.
      • A team may substitute the same player more than once as long as no more than 5 substitutions are made in total. See 3.13 for exception
    • 3.13 Substituted players rejoining the match
      • If a player is substituted, that player may return to play in that match under the following circumstances:
        • Up to 5 tactical substitutions per game
        • In addition to which players may return to play when replacing:
          • a player with a blood injury in accordance with Law 3.11

Team Sides Requirements

  • First Side Requires 9 registered players no later than 01 Sept
  • Second Side Requires 22 registered players no later 01 Sept
  • Third Side Requires 33 registered players no later than 01 Sept