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Rugby Indiana COVID Status and Return To Play

Current Status Is:  Tackle

Teams must be current and in good standing. All Players, Coaches,  and Admnistrators MUST be resgitered for the 2021 Spring Season to participate. Compliance with COVID  Policy Protocols and Symptom  Monitoring is Required

CLICK HERE >>> Rugby Indiana COVID Policy & Protocols

COVID Return-To-Play Protocols For Current Status

Below is the Rugby Indiana COVID Return-To-Play Protocols. These are to be following by all programs approved by and registered with Rugby Indiana.  

Players, Parents, Coaches, Administrators, etc - please be sure to read and understand this protocol. 

It is important to note that these protocols are always superseded by Federal, State, and Local directives for COVID.  Programs/Clubs/Teams are to follow those directives. 

Spring 2021 After-Match Socials: Suspended

The World Rugby Charter and its values are important to the game of rugby, and to all of us in Rugby Indiana. Integrity, Passion, Solidarity, Discipline, and Respect are not just words, they are the values that make our sport special. The after-match social is a long-standing tradition in rugby. After a hard-fought match on the field there is nothing better than both teams sitting down and sharing a meal together. A time to celebrate the fun, the game and each other. This simple action results in the establishing of life-long friendships.

The Global COVID-19 Pandemic has changed how we do everything. After no matches in 2020, we are focused on providing rugby matches to our community as safely as we can. The after-match social poses a significant COVID transmission risk between players and adults staffing the food area. Additionally, there is increased costs of ensure foods are “Single-serve” to prevent cross exposure.

Indiana is one of the few states that can play rugby currently. The coaches, match officials, administrators, and volunteers are focused on the balance of the many benefits that playing sports provides children against the risks and restrictions related to COVID.

Due to COVID-19, After-Match Socials have been suspended for the duration of the 2021 Spring Season.

While we are disappointed this special part of our game must be paused, we are excited that children will again get to play rugby this spring.

We appreciate your understanding and support as we continue to phase in rugby as safely as we can for the players, coaches, match officials, administrators, families, and fans.

COVID Requirements For Outbound or Inbound Teams

Rugby Indiana supports those teams who are interested in traveling to play rugby to other states also open and available to play rugby during the COVID Pandemic.  All teams inbound and outbound must follow the COVID Requirements For Outbound or Inbound Teams

Daily Symptoms Reporting

All players, coaches, administrators (around the coaches/players) will need to submit a COVID symptoms tracker report prior to all practices and matches. Failure to report will result in a person not being eligible for practices/matches on those days.   Failure to report for multiple days may result in the requirement to self-quarantine. 


COVID Testing

In consideration of the “Back On Track Indiana” roadmap to safely open Indiana, Rugby Indiana suggests that all players take a COVID test before participating in any rugby matches. The Indiana Sate Department of Health has free testing / free tests sites available.

Defining the Current Status / Insurance / Etc

  • Insurance: Teams that have been approved by Rugby Indiana, have their players registered, registered coaching staff, and submitted their practice field(s) information to Rugby Indiana will be covered by insurance as long as they do not exceed the current status.
    • Players must be registered with Rugby Indiana to participate.  Participation by any player (and coach/referee/admin) who is not registered cancels the insurance for everyone at that activity/event. 
    • Certificates of Insurance take around 10 business days. Once Rugby Indiana receives the certificate, it will be forwarded to you. 
  • Rugby Indiana Approval: Clubs are required to not only confirm they will abide by the COVID Return Protocols, they must also submit proof that their county allows for them to have rugby. Other factors that need to be confirmed - approval of practice locations, etc. 
    • Clubs must also have
      • All their players registered for the current season
      • Coaches must be registered, current and in good standing (including all training, background checks, SafeSport, etc).
      • An assignable referee for each side that is  registered with their club, current and in good standing (including all training, background checks, SafeSport, etc).


We are still in the COVID-19 Global Pandemic, and your help is appreciated.

Practices:   Under the current Return To Play Protocol no spectators are allowed at any practices.  Anyone who is not players, coaches, etc., should not be any place around the practice areas. 

Matches: Under the current Return To Play Policy & Protocol Rugby Indiana Reccomends that only members of the immediate household may attend matches.  They should remain in their household groups, and separate from other groups by 6 feet and they should wear masks.



  • USA Rugby, USA Youth & High School Rugby, and Club fees belong to those respective organizations and are not refundable by Rugby Indiana.

Rugby Indiana Refund Policy

  • It is Rugby Indiana's policy to not issue refunds, but there are 2 exceptions to this. Both refund exceptions, a written request outlining the reason(s) must be sent to the Executive Director, who will in turn have sole discretion determining the refund amount.:
    • First time players who have not attended more than 5 practices and/or have not attended a game and are in good standing with their club. In this case a player may receive a partial refund of their Rugby Indiana fees minus the $10 administrative fee.
    • In the event a player experiences Force Majeure, the player may receive a partial refund of up to 50% of their Rugby Indiana fees.

Season Suspension / Cancelation Due To Force Majeure

Player’s fees are allocated throughout the entire year to cover all the costs of the services that are needed to support the various rugby programs and leagues. This is a common practice, especially for non-profits. Throughout the year we host coaching and referee certification clinics, coaching development,  youth skills clinics, school PE training and grants, player welfare/safety monitoring and training, compliance monitoring of safety and other important policies, technology tools, club support, and so much more.  Because Force Majeure is difficult to predict in type, timing, and scope of impact, we are unable to determine in advance any amount of refunds may be issued, if any at all. If there are any refunds due to Force Majeure, they will be determined based on the type, timing, and scope of the event.