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How Rugby Helps Improve Football Skills

By Silicon Valley Rugby Football Club , 09/04/18, 4:30PM EDT



  • American "gridiron" football roots are from rugby.
  • Rugby season begins as football season wraps up.  Rugby's Competitive season runs from March through May; and Fall  7s Rugby  runs in Sept-Oct for those who don't play football.  Youth & High School Rugby is a great way to stay fit during the off-season.  
  • High School Rugby is played continuously for 60 minutes with few stoppages.  Continuous play requires athletes to be cardio fit.  
  • The concept of continued play asks the American football player to continue to react, scan, and process information rapidly. Adaptability to the action is key!
  • All rugby players are expected to carry, pass, kick, break tackles and make tackles.  Even the big kids carry the ball.
  • Rugby teaches to safely shoulder leverage tackle in open field and close quarters.
  • Contact without pads encourages safe technique as well as builds courage in young players.
  • Gives young athletes the opportunity to play a sport abroad, rugby is truly an international sport.
  • American "grid-iron" football is slowly transitioning towards the safer shoulder leverage tackle, (the "rugby tackle") as seen in the Seattle Seahawks video below introducing the rugby tackle to the American public.