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Rugby Indianan COVID-19 Return To Play Advisory

By Rugby Indiana, 06/08/20, 8:45AM EDT


The Board of Rugby Indiana has provided an advisory related to the gradual return to play process for rugby in Indiana.

Indiana Timeline to Return To Rugby: As of June 1, 2020; the Rugby Indiana board of directors has determined that most Indiana counties are in Stage 3 and/or Stage 4, as defined in USA Rugby Return to Play Guidelines.   Please note that there are significant differences between Indiana stage definitions and USA Rugby stage definitions.  Indiana Stage 3 is currently defined as time period of May 24 to June 13th to define social gathering volume of 100 people or fewer.  Indiana Stage 4 will start on June 14th to July 3rd with a social gathering volume of 250 people or fewer. The final Indiana Stage 5 will begin on July 4th and beyond with a social gathering volume of 250 or more.  Face coverings are recommended in Stage 3 (May 24 to June 13) but is optional in Stages 4 and 5 (June 4 through July 4 and beyond).

Indiana is in stage 3 of reopening which allows for the stage 3 level of play as described by USA Rugby. Rugby Indiana will continue to monitor the reopening of Indiana and will give further guidance on the appropriate level of play close to June 14th.


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